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Find the right food for your mood! hankr is for people who love food and want to see what they’re going to eat before they pick a restaurant. No fancy descriptions, no questionable reviews or dots on a map, instead hankr features food first, organized into moods, with hundreds of true-to-life photos of the best food available near you.Why is hankr better at finding a great place to eat?
- Food is organized by mood, not price, not place, not restaurant- Every meal is accurately presented just as it's served, no photo tricks, no fake food, no gimmicks- You see only that food that is available nearby for the times you plan on eating- Find a good-looking meal? Discover other dishes that fit the same mood- Book a reservation or call the restaurant right from the app- Save your favorite dishes, share them with others
Picking a place to eat has never been easier in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin, with more cities coming soon!